LI Hiu-wa received his bachelor degree from the Academy of Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014.

He is always attracted to nonsense and unimportant stuffs which he finds hilarious. He also appreciates how other people create funny memes with great sense of humour.

He focuses on photography and is interested in exploring the concept of time and reality in photography. He believes that a photographic work has the quality that reflects the photographer’s inner thoughts.


Artist Statement




The representation of photography allow us to contruct another reality from the real world. It is more important that how audiences feel and imgaine from the images.

Photography likes a window, connecting reality and imaginary. It also frames the view by specific angle and distance.

My photo editing process like transforming the window. By cropping and blowing up, or rearragnging the images, I recreate the size and form of the window, also what and how we can see through it. We also get the new experience to see a new world.


Solo Exhibitions

2017  Open The Windows When It Rains 

         Hatoba C.M.A. (by Art Center Ongoing)
         Tokyo, Japan 

Joint Exhibitions

2018  Observe / Scrutinise / Perceive 

         Gallery Exit, Hong Kong

2018  Weight Watcher

         Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

2017  Aimlessly

         Anita Chan Lai-Ling Gallery, The Fringe Club


2016  Photo Matters: Book and Print Festival 

         Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Communication and Visual Arts Building,
         Hong Kong Baptist University

2014  Art as Social Interaction Hong Kong/ Taiwan Exchange
         The Pier 2 Art Centre
          Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2014  HKBU AVA Graduation Show 2014: Extension
          K-11 Art Mall, Hong Kong

2014  HKBU AVA Graduation Show 2014
         Kai Tak Campus, Academy of Visual Art, 
Hong Kong Baptist University

Artist in Residency

2014  Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo, Japan)
         Support by Soundpocket (Hong Kong)